Anniversary Season

You all probably know pretty well by now my affection for anniversary season. Yes, it's a whole season in this house. The researching, the snooping on your mate's Pinterest boards to see if anything jumps out at you that you know they'd love to receive. The wrapping. The little pile of gifts that slowly grow over the month. Last year I went pretty big when it came to planning. Since our anniversary isn't officially until May 6, I can't share all the goodies. But I can share some things. 

We cheated a little because Aaron knew I would want to wear this ring in our family photos, he was right.


One more cheat? Yes, one more. He also knew I'd probably want to incorporate this necklace which I pinned months ago. 


For Aaron he chose to open a slender package which I'm pretty certain he knew contained giftcards. I always get him ITunes giftcards because he absolutely loves to buy music and movies, and this way he has no guilt about spending money there. Also, there was a Teavana giftcard. My man loves tea. 

This watch was a no brainer, he pinned it awhile ago and I know he loves a good watch. Nothing expensive, I mean come on, last year I gifted him a calculator watch! So Timex was step up if you ask me.


We still have a few each to open. Aaron has some big ones that I think he can guess what's inside. And I have my suspicions as well. 

My mom bought us this gorgeous Staub tea kettle. It sits on my stove and I stare at it every single day. 


Did you know Le Creuset has a french press? They do, and she also gifted us this. Aaron likes few things more than a french press cup of coffee. 


No matter how couples celebrate their anniversary, I hope they celebrate in some manner. Reflecting on the day this grand commitment was made, and cherishing each other more each year than the last. Things and presents of course are trivial in the grand scheme of things, but it always feels wonderful to let someone know that you put thought and effort, research and time, into finding something that you think will make them smile. There's not much better than handing your husband a present and watching delight spread across their face as they say things like "how'd you know!"