urban gardening water copy.jpg

It's been a few weeks since we planted our Spring garden so I thought I'd give everyone a little update. Our lettuce is growing in so beautifully. All of it, the butter leaf, red leaf, mesclun mix, kale, it's filling in so nicely, and I think this week we will enjoy our first garden salad. 

growing lettuce gaden.jpg
growing lettuce.jpg

The tomatoes are starting to flower and I check them everyday to see if there's any baby tomatoes on the branches. Not yet. But soon.

garden tomatoes.jpg

I've been watering everything about every 2-3 days and one of those watering times I give them a nice long deep soak.

Below you can see my little broccoli buds starting. I really hope they do well this year.

broccoli garden.jpg

The garden by the house is doing both good and well, um, maybe ok? The carrots and snap peas are thriving. The cucumber and beans kind of are at a standstill. I really thought the cucumber would be going crazy, so I'm confused at the moment. 

in ground garden.jpg

And here is a photo that's totally and completely out of focus, but for some reason I love it. Thank you auto timer fail.

urban gardening.jpg

How are your gardens coming along? Are your seeds starting to sprout? Do you see flowers on the plants yet?