Joshua Tree Camping Date

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Last year Aaron and I tried to make a conscious effort to take each kid on a one on one date. You can read about my date with Sawyer, Greta and Gunnar. We knew they would love the one on one time, but we had no idea just how MUCH they would LOVE it. Like a lot. 

Well, it's been Aaron's turn for dates with the kids lately. With Gunnar they went to dinner and saw Lincoln. Both of them loved that movie. Gunnar is a huge history buff so it was right up his alley. Greta's is yet to come. But this past weekend Aaron took Sawyer for an overnight camping date. Aaron mentioned it in passing to Sawyer a few weeks ago and that was all it took, Sawyer was on board and counting down the days. 

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None of us had ever been to Joshua Tree, it was always a place we drove by on our way to Palm Springs and said repeatedly "wow, so beautiful, one day we need to go there". Most of the campgrounds in Joshua Tree are first come first serve this time of year, there's only two that take reservations some of the time, Indian Cove and Black Rock. And group sites you can reserve ahead of time. Aaron said because of Spring Break the campgrounds were packed. But apparently if you go any other time of year except March and April, there's always plenty to choose from. 

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They had a great trip and explored lots of the different parts of the park, and he was able to scope out a few of the campgrounds we will return to as a family.  Heads up, bring your own water, yep, except for Black Rock and Cottonwood campgrounds you have to get water at the Visitors Center. Aaron said all the campgrounds, there's 9 total, are beautiful. They made it to about half of them, and he said he couldn't pick if he had to choose. The campsites are all tucked into the rocks to provide shade and shelter. 

Are you kicking me? Does this smile not make you melt?

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The weather this time of year is apparently perfect, you can wear shorts and t-shirts during the day and just need a sweatshirt in the mornings/evenings.

They hiked around Jumbo Rock Campground, can you spot the little red dot? They aren't kidding when they named this place. :)

jumbo rock campground.jpg
jumbo rock joshua tree.jpg
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Needless to say, we will all be camping next time, I think Fall would be beautiful so we're putting it on our travel list.

Oh and what will Greta's date be? When she heard Aaron was taking Sawyer camping overnight, she told him, "Well, don't take me camping, but you can take me to a hotel." Classic Greta...