What's New

What is new everyone? I know a lot of people are just taking their Spring Breaks now, oh to be on Spring Break. I miss it. I feel like we've been in school forever. This summer will bring so much transition and change with it that I am so conflicted over it's arrival. 

The garden is thriving. So happy about that. Watering it and tending to the vegetables is so soothing. Totally therapeutic.

In unrelated random news, these shoes were just put on my radar. And now they are kind of all I can think about.  I've never been someone who will spend an exorbitant amount on a pair of shoes, but from my research I hear these are phenomenal, so tempting. Only problem is I don't think they are sold at stores, so you just have to order them and return if they don't fit. These pink ones? Be still my heart. 



Adorable right? Intrigued now aren't you? I bet you will notice them whenever you flip open a magazine now. Sorry about that in advance. :)

Another really cute new to me brand is Camp Brand Goods. Have you heard of them before? I think I could see myself living in this tee day and night and this sweatshirt I don't think I'd ever take off. Lucky for Aaron everything I like is sold out. 


How about you all? Any new stuff catch your eye? I'm a bit on high alert at the moment since our anniversary is around the corner. But we've purchased all our little gifts for one another, we just haven't exchanged them yet. A few more weeks, I'll try and be patient as best I can. But few things compare to anniversary season in this house.

I was informed that I am allowed to open one present early because he knows I will want to wear it this weekend. I'll keep you posted...