Allergy Woes

I know a lot of you readers have allergies in your family that you deal with and we've had our bouts over here as well. Most of you recall two years ago when we discovered Sawyer was allergic to shellfish, and that triggered his allergy to cats and dogs as well. Once we had both boys tested for allergies, it was clear they both were extremely allergic to cats and dogs. Gunnar had a whole plethora of environmental allergies, but Sawyer was solid just with his shellfish allergy.

So it didn't make much sense to the doctors that for the last two years we've consistently battled allergies with him. We always suspected foods, but his skin tests were negative. We tested fresh foods, toothpaste, mouthwash, you name it! Negative.

Sawyer always swore to me he had a peanut allergy, but I just attributed it to his HATRED of peanuts. Well, last week we got blood work done on him and today we received the results. And wouldn't you know, he was right about the peanuts! Not in a severe allergy way, but sure enough he had a low level allergy to them. Vindication for my little guy!

Not only was this news, but indeed he still has no environmental allergens. But the food results were surprising. Well, not really surprising because I always had my suspicions. It shows he has a low level allergy to soy, dairy, wheat, and sesame. Yep. Do you know how much stuff has these ingredients in them? Basically everything. Our plan with our doctor is for the next month to take him off all of these foods, and he's on Singulair to try to get his poor allergic body to calm down. His immune system and thyroid however looked great, which is a relief. Once the month is over, we will slowly reintroduce one food at a time and see if we can pinpoint what exactly is the issue. I really don't think they all are a problem, but we will see. I have my intuition but we will wait and find out. 

Surprisingly, I think it won't be that bad of a transition for us. In fact, I think it'll force us to cut some things out that we should anyway. Aaron is going to do the exact diet as Sawyer which I think is really sweet. It's pretty much a Paleo diet, have you heard of that? I have, and I think it's a good idea, but for a kid it may be hard. I do dread restaurant visits. What kid wants to eat his hamburger without the bun? Or his chicken tenders without the breading?

For lunch today I fixed him fresh carrots, sliced apples, a few rice cakes, and sliced turkey. For dinner he had grilled salmon, quinoa and green beans. Dessert was chocolate coconut milk ice cream (which I tasted and am a huge convert!). And for a bedtime snack he had a brown rice crispie type cereal with coconut milk. I think snack times may be tougher, but the selection of foods available out there to treat these allergies is enormous! Aaron found some little protein bars to pack in his school snack full of dates, almonds, raisins and cocoa powder. It's hard to find a protein bar without oats, soy and wheat. He also is a popcorn fan, so that's an easy one. We switched as a family to brown rice pasta a few months ago. The key will be finding a sliced bread he likes for sandwiches. Oh, and we are testing out a shredded "cheese" (try and find a good non dairy non soy cheese!) tomorrow night with our tacos. Pizza will be tough, but I hope he starts to feel so good that he realizes its worth cutting out some things as a sacrifice. 

It makes me sad that so many people are suffering from food related allergies. It makes me sad that we've destroyed our environment so much and altered our food crops so drastically that the little people we feed are suffering from it. It makes me sad that it will only get worse. Greed, destruction, not caring for our world. Our little girls and boys are paying for it. 

If you have any good resources please send them my way. I will be looking for fun recipes and alternatives to make his transition a good one. In fact Jane has already promised to bake him a dairy free gluten free chocolate cake! Next on my list to find is a good chocolate chip cookie recipe. I will share helpful links and ideas as I find them myself because I know I'm not alone in dealing with this. 

xo to all of you and your little ones who battle allergies of your own.