Wine Crate Planter DIY

I've been saving these wine crates for awhile and finally had the time this weekend to garden. We planted our raised beds which I'll share in another post.

Turning these wine crates into planters was super fun to do. And easy!

~You'll need 4 casters, screws, a drill, appropriate soil mix and some plants. I decided to do a succulent planter since they are growing so well for me in the backyard.

wine crate planter.jpg

You'll want to drill some drainage holes, about a dozen is good. And then attach your casters to the bottom four corners of the crate. My husband doesn't let me near power tools (unfair, but I would kill myself, it's been proven), so he did this part. Be sure you purchase the right soil for your plants. If you are planting succulents you'll want to use special Cactus Mix soil found at your local nursery. 

Arrange your plants in the box while in their pots first before you take them out to plant to see how many can fit, I like a variety of high and low. Once I liked the look of where I'd be planting them I transferred them. And then I finished it off with some gravel on top. Wheel it to the right spot and voila!

wine crate casters.jpg

Here's the second planter I did, but without casters since it's going to be stationary near our barbecue. Same method, drill the drainage holes, but skip the wheels. 

wine crate planter (1).jpg

Happy planting everyone!

Oh, and I chopped my hair again you guys. When I'm standing it just brushes my collar bone, shortest length yet. And I love it. I'm giving it three months and then I may go even an inch or two shorter. {GASP}