Spring Garden

gardening during.jpg

We were pretty late on the gardening wagon this spring. I think not having a winter garden set us up for neglect. Time has been slipping through our fingers faster than we can catch our breath. All I needed was one solid weekend afternoon for Aaron and I to get to work, and finally the stars aligned last Saturday. A few weeks ago Aaron was able to pick up some new soil and turn the soil in our beds over so I knew all we needed was some earth worms and organic plant food mixed in before we planted. 

My favorite Los Angeles nursery is Rolling Greens in Culver City. We picked up a bunch of herbs along with cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and snap peas. Then we headed to another local store for the bulk of our lettuce and other veggies. I was bummed we couldn't start from seed, but time was of the essence.

Here's a before shot of our little garden area. Embarrassing yes I know. Full of kids toy pipes, soil bags, wires, just plain ugly. 

raised garden beds before.jpg

Our other gardening spot is this in ground area. We planted tomatoes here last year so we are rotating them and planting other crops this time. 

gardening in ground.jpg

This year we decided to stay with our standbys of tomatoes, lettuce, basil, rosemary and snap peas, and try our hand at a few new ones. We planted carrots, broccoli, beans, cucumbers, thyme, peppers, onions and garlic. We are trying kale again, but this is it. Kale, if you don't make it this year I'm just giving up on you!

gardening plants.jpg

There isn't too much method to my madness. I research which plants do well with each other and which plants do harm. For tomatoes I plant marigolds nearby and this year also added a few garlic and onion plants as well. The peppers I kept in their own planter because I learned that they sometimes attract a type of bug harmful to tomatoes. 

peppers in planter.jpg

I planted all my lettuce, basil, kale and broccoli in the same shallow bed. We planted a variety of lettuce from butter to mixed mesclun to red leaf.

gardening lettuce.jpg
gardening in planters.jpg

For our in ground bed we decided to try out the snap peas here since they can use the wires we had up previously for the tomato vines. Here, we also planted carrots, cucumbers, garlic, beans and a few marigolds. 

And now for a few very much needed AFTER shots.

gardening in ground.jpg
raised garden beds after.jpg
tomatoes in planter.jpg