spring break & exciting news

What a week. I am so bummed to have been away from the blog for so long. There's just too many things going on for me to sit down at the computer. I'm typing this on my iPad as I lay in bed because the thought of going downstairs and turning on my computer is stressing me out. There's 300 emails in my inbox and I don't want to look at them.

Spring break is almost over! What?! It just began :( We've had a ball sleeping in (well maybe that's just me sleeping in while my kids serve themselves cereal for breakfast and play). We've been shoe shopping and lunching, strawberry picking and play dating. We escaped to Palm Springs for a few days for some sun and swimming. I've slipped in work here and there and the kids have been enjoying extra screen time. Since we have the no screen time rule during school days we agreed on an hour a day for spring break. Everyone is thrilled with the arrangement. Even me :) We still have high hopes of planting our garden tomorrow.

In other news this little girl is now toothless. She lost both teeth 12 hours apart. Her smile kills me.

I also have exciting news. I was asked to write an article for Design Mom on caring for teen skin and it was published this week! I really hope this link works, I'm super proud of it and am so thrilled with the lovely response it's received.


If it doesn't send you to the right place, just copy and paste the link in the URL.

And since I would hate to do two posts in a row without any photos, here's a few iPhone pictures from the week. Or maybe the photos will load at the top. Oops, lets just hope there aren't too many typos.

Have a beautiful weekend everyone! I'll be back to more normal posting next week.