Palms Springs- Spring Break Weekending

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We stole away with my family for a few days to Rancho Las Palmas the first weekend of the kids' spring break. We were in search of sun! I know it is awful to say since we are spoiled here, but it's been cold! We aren't used to gloomy weather with temperatures in the 50s and 60s for so many weeks in a row. We found the sun and 85 degree weather. 

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The resort is very family friendly. Beautiful grounds, really nice rooms, an amazing pool area for the kids. Only downside I found was the pool chairs were cheap. You know those white ones with all the slats where your tush starts to squeeze through them after a few hours? Yeah, those. Of course the nice pool chairs are over in the adult pool area, but I never made it there. Other than that, I highly recommend this place. 

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The pool area my friends is NO JOKE! And the best part is that there are lifeguards everywhere! My kids couldn't be anywhere without being in full range of a lifeguard. Which meant Aaron and I got to lounge and read and nap while they went from the slides to the lazy river to the pool to the splash pad.

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It was just the start to Spring Break that we needed. Aaron and I were anticipating a ridiculously busy personal week, which proved to be just so. This was a wonderful relaxing trip that helped us cope with the next 6 days. And I'm so sad that Spring Break is almost over.

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Almost every night we walked to dinner, we dined at some great restaurants like Roy's (hands down fave), and during the day we would stop by the little cafe at the hotel and get fruit smoothies and little veggie cups to snack on. BluEmber was a good on site hotel as well. And don't forget to stop by Cabazon's outlet shops on the way back to Los Angeles. Seriously. Good. Shopping. 

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Until next time Palm Springs! Can't wait to to see your palm trees, golf courses, and sunshine again.