Open House 2013

This is the last year all three of these kids are in the same school. Sigh. It's been a really nice 2 years of one drop off and one pick up. Open House was a few weeks ago and I love how proud all my kids are to show us all their work. It was also the grand unveiling of the Art Show which I've been hard at work on. 

Here are some of Sawyer's works.

kids art project.jpg
open house2.jpg
open house3.jpg

Greta's art piece was a collective one her whole class did. Her writing melts me. By the way, down below that is 'person' not 'prison'. :)

kids art project2.jpg
open house5.jpg

I was blown away by Gunnar's work. I can't get over the level of math and science that he's doing in fifth grade, extremely glad he doesn't need my help. His art piece was a collaborative class piece as well.

kids art project1.jpg
open house (1).jpg

It's all going by just a little too fast. Slipping through my hands. There's that saying, the days are long but the years are short. The days aren't even long anymore...