Friday Links


Isn't that rainbow lovely? We were eating dinner together last week and Greta exclaimed "look at that rainbow!" It was so beautiful we all rushed outside to get a closer look and take photos. People even stopped driving their cars to take a moment to gaze at the gorgeous rainbow.

I had no time last week to do a link roundup of my favorite things on the web, so I made sure this week not to let Friday slip by...

~how adorable is this robot project? My kids would be all over this!

~this jacket, it just screams Los Angeles <swoon>

~i have never made shepherd's pie, but this recipe is tempting me to try...

~ever get stuck on gift giving for kids? I do, I want a gift we give to not need batteries, or light up, this is a wonderful gift guide for kids that inspires creativity!

~Instagram, do you love it or hate it?

~myself, I'm pretty glad we aren't raising our kids in 1965, and extremely grateful I have a cook loving husband, what about you?

~it's been pretty warm up in hurrr in SoCal, we are planning to test out this smoothie recipe

~i am itching to get our garden planted! hopefully we find the time this weekend.

hoping you all have a wonderful weekend