what we are eating...

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We had a busy weekend and week so far, but we are getting in a groove with Sawyer's new dietary restrictions. I thought it would be helpful for me to document what we are eating on the blog so I have something to help me remember. And in doing so maybe it will inspire some of you for your lunch/dinner options. We've found a few brands that make very simple snack bars. Larabar has a few flavors that have only 3-4 ingredients, all soy, wheat, dairy sesame free. Although Sawyer is mildly allergic to peanuts, he can still eat products made in facilities that use nuts, as long as peanuts are not an ingredient. The other brand is Pure bars. They make a great chocolate flavored one (cocoa powder) and a blueberry one that is waiting to be tried. 


We've managed to pretty much eat as a family so far, which is very helpful. I cooked Sawyer's lunches last week from home since they had early dismissal all week, and I was worried I'd be at a loss for what to make. It really wasn't too bad at all. Here's a refresher of what Sawyer's meals have been the last week:

breakfast- organic brown rice puffed cereal with coconut milk, gluten free pancakes, coconut milk yogurt (not a huge hit), Pure bars, scrambled eggs, organic corn puff cereal

lunch- sliced organic turkey, organic corn tortilla chips, black beans, carne asada, scrambled eggs, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables like carrots, rice cakes, hamburger with gluten/soy/dairy free bun, broccoli, salami, olives, potato chips (kettle chips makes a good chip that has only 3 ingredients)

snacks- popcorn, apples, oranges, rice crackers, lara bars, fresh mango

dinner- grilled salmon, green beans, quinoa, brown rice pasta, peas, organic sausage, lemon chicken soup with brown rice noodles, fish, french fries, broccoli, beef tacos, brown rice, grilled pork loin, cauliflower, sweet potato, roasted corn

As you can see, so far it hasn't been too drastic, especially since Sawyer is such a great eater and likes a variety of things. If I had a kid that only ate butter pasta and cheese quesadillas, we may have a problem.

One thing I'm surprised to find is just how much soy there is in everything. I mean EVERYTHING. And we've been hearing how unhealthy is for so many years, it was a little surprising. But really, nothing surprises me anymore. Why wouldn't the  #1 genetically modified food (soybean) in the US be in everything? Makes perfect sense...argh.

A bonus we found (thank you Jane!) is coconut amino, it tastes like soy sauce but is derived from coconuts. Sawyer had it on his brown rice for lunch one day and he really liked it. So hopefully we can add that to a stir fry and add another dinner to the menu this week.

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This weekend was our first venture to a few restaurants, but they were super cooperative and willing to grill fish and veggies in olive oil instead of butter. And they triple checked their method to fry french fries. So far, so good. And has it been helping? Yes! Sawyer has improved so much in just 7 days. We are hopeful by the end of this month he's all clear and we can start to figure out which ingredient(s) exactly may be the problem. 

I'll try to update on here once a week or every other week, and if I find something out of this world I will share it. Keep the ideas coming, thank you for the texts and emails and food deliveries, so sweet and kind, and it makes my heart warm to know how supportive you all are.