Gluten Free Options

It seems like 2-3 times a week Aaron and I try to make gluten free dinners for our family. I don't think we realized just how much gluten we consume until we tried to make meals without it. But we've found some great alternatives!


We've been baking our own bread for about 2 years now, we prefer whole wheat because of the bleaching they do to flour. But wheat is wheat, sure not bleaching is healthier, but wheat is still hard on your body. 

That being said, we consume a lot of pasta and crackers. About the same time we started making our own bread we switched from white to brown rice only. The kids sometimes will get white rice when we are at a restaurant, but at home, brown rice is the only option. They pushed back at first, but now I don't even think they would notice the difference. So switching to brown rice tortillas and brown rice pasta was pretty seamless.

Sure, we still have wheat pasta in our pantry, but we are buying brown rice substitutes more and more these days. And honestly, it's delicious!

This week we enjoyed a bolognese with the pictured brown rice spaghetti above, it was delicious. We also had one of my husband's specialties, Mexican Pizza. He takes the brown rice tortillas, cooks them on the stove. Then places them on a baking sheet, layering black beans, shredded cheese and whatever toppings or meats we are serving. Pop it in the oven until melted and use a pizza slicer to cut. It's a kid fave over here.

Have you found any gluten free alternatives you love? I am a little nervous to switch to gluten free bread just yet, our luck has not been good in our attempts. We also had a horrible batch of gluten free pancakes a few weeks ago. Maybe we are just trying the wrong brands?