Around the web...

I've been slacking on sharing links that I've enjoyed from the around the web, so here goes...

Doesn't everyone have a day like this?

How cute is this bird watching book for kids? Makes me want to become a bird watcher all of a sudden!

I was gifted these earrings at Alt and haven't stopped wearing them. The items in her shop are just adorable.

A good reminder to read your labels! No one else is going to protect your family but yourself, you can't rely on laws or policies of any government to make sure you feed your child wisely.

This is such a great list for raising readers young.

An adorable take on the tassel garlands we see all over.

Again, the Paris obsession with my girl is pretty cute, she'd die over this.

Such a cute backdrop idea for photos, parties, you name it!

DId you guys watch the Super Bowl? I did, except I missed the one part I wanted to see the most, the half time show! How cute are these kid friendly menu items for kids? Maybe next year...