Friday Links

Did you all watch the Oscars? I haven't had a spare moment to chat about it. I was disappointed with the outfits. I thought the Globes had way better fashion this year. I didn't have anyone I was particularly rooting for other than Les Mis. I enjoyed the show though, except for the last 10 minutes. Aaron forgot to set the DVR to record overtime, so I missed the best awards, oh well, that's what YouTube is for right?

It's been busy around here, I keep telling myself, soon it'll slow down. Soon. But that isn't happening. In good news, I finished our taxes this morning! Such a relief to get those done. And now we wait for our tax refund where we will go on a spending spree for Aaron who only fits into one suit. He is quite svelte if you ask me. Oh, and we ditched his pleated pants! Phew. I dropped off three huge garbage bags full of too big suits, pants, and dress suits to Goodwill. There will be a decked out pleated pant man around L.A. soon. So we will be off to buy Aaron some new duds in a few weeks.

What I'm enjoying around the web this week....

~these Nutella Poptarts! Oh my!

~we're all about soup lately, this recipe looks delicious.

~Oh the globes! Globes!

~a swan lake themed children's party? yes please.

~bacon popcorn, mmmmmm

~we are going to start our spring/summer garden soon!

~I'm pretty sure I'm the planner in the relationship.