new to me blog: a pair of pears

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Jamie of A Pair of Pears had one of my all time favorite business cards at Alt, it was a square letterpress with the most adorable lettering. Which makes sense since she focuses on design and letterpress. Her blog header alone is fabulous. A Pair of Pears is one of my favorite daily reads now, and it's extra special since she's in SoCal too.

I'm so excited Jamie was up for a little Q & A so we can get to know the person behind the blog. 

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1. What is the hardest part about having a blog?

The hardest part is probably posting regularly. I used to have posts written ahead of time so I could just schedule them, but at some point things got crazy and I fell behind and haven't been able to get back in that groove. So since I hardly ever have anything prepared ahead of time (unless its a DIY or something that takes much more planning) I constantly feel like I have to hurry and get something posted for that day. And let's be honest, sometimes I feel like I have nothing to say. It works much better when I can slow down and enjoy the process of putting together a post. 

My favorite part about running a blog is being able to share what I love: my family, my work, the things that inspire me. It's always makes my day when readers comment or email me saying how much they enjoyed a particular post or were able use something I did. 

2. Where do you find inspiration for A Pair of Pears?

Like most people, I'm a big fan of Pinterest. It's an awesome resource for inspiration.  Also I get a lot of inspiration just in everyday life. Literally I have ideas pop in my head while I'm blow drying my hair. My brain never turns off; which can sometime be a problem. I'm also really lucky to have fun and creative friends that are always throwing out great ideas. 

Jamie, I am  being dead serious when I say some of my best ideas come when I'm blow drying my hair!! Thank you for sharing today! And be sure you check out A Pair of Pears.