small changes for me - ALT recap


I'm not a big change lover. In fact, change makes me sweaty. But I like small changes. Are you so sick of hearing about my Alt experience yet? So sorry, but I am anxious to share some things with you that resonate with me.  

A few highlights that are lingering in my mind and heart...

~the thing that makes you really different may be the source of your beauty - when we compare, we are comparing our insides to someone else's outsides. I love this. Every bit of it. 

~name what lights you up - write down what you like and look for patterns.

~make life happen - instead of letting life happen and building character from your responses, you can make life happen. 

~be in the comment section - I have to admit I was kind of hands off about comments, I didn't know my role. Aren't people getting enough words from me from the blog posts themselves, do they really want to see me in the comments? I love comments, and I think my hands off approach didn't really convey that well.

~goal of my DIY = it's possible to make this - I'm pretty sure my few projects and do it yourself posts are believed to not be difficult, but maybe I could improve on the steps. 

~pinterest - I feel like I'm pretty active on Pinterest already, but I don't really post my own photos on there, so now I have a board dedicated to blog posts. If you aren't on Pinterest yet, WHY?

I'm pretty sure this is not the final summation of small changes for me. But it feels good to put down in writing the things that stayed with me, weeks after the conference. Hope you enjoy them as well!

*photo by me