new to me blog: Donuts, Dresses & Dirt

Today I am introducing a new series, NEW TO ME BLOG, it'll highlight blogs that I discovered while at Alt, it may even be a blog I've been reading awhile but finally had the opportunity to meet the person behind the blog. Just meeting someone after reading their stories, when you feel like you kinda sorta maybe already know them is really amazing. Their words and pictures take on a whole different meaning. 

Screen Shot 2013-02-02 at 1.51.01 PM.png

Today I introduce you to Sheri Silver of Donuts, Dresses and Dirt. Before I ever met Sheri, I was standing at the business card display checking everyone's cards out. It's a sport at Alt, I mean business cards are no joke. They have these little frames on the display where you can move someone's business card into the frame if you love it. I picked up Donuts, Dresses and Dirt's card and immediately put it into the "love it" section. If you click on that link and scroll down to the end of the post you will see her adorable card and the treats she attached to them.

A day later I was talking to this lovely woman, Sheri, and as she handed me her business card I exclaimed because this was the woman behind the card! Since returning from Utah, I have had such a wonderful time checking out all the business cards I collected and visiting each and every website. 

I reached out to Sheri to answer a few questions:

sheri silver.jpg

1. Why do you love to blog?

"Wow- this is so hard to answer concisely! Probably because the reasons have changed so much- and so often- since I started! But here goes: 

I love blogging because it's the one place where ALL my interests have found their voice. Baking. Gardening. Shopping. Parenting. I can explore it all- and write about it- in one place that is all my own. I love blogging because it has shown me- at a (ahem) "later" stage in life that there is always time- and room- to start over. To reinvent. To discover something totally new (Photography! Writing!) about yourself.

I love blogging because the amazing feedback I get- often from total strangers on the other side of the country- has been one of the many big "unexpecteds" that have come out of a small ("maybe I'll start a blog") idea, tossed out over dinner one night.

I love blogging because it is an arena where women- pretty much 100% of the time- support, advise, promote and celebrate one another. Never have I experienced such community, and it blows me away on a regular basis.

Last- but definitely not least- I love blogging because I have cultivated friendships- caring, important, meaningful friendships- with a group of women that I would have never, ever met had I not started this blog. Incredible women who I love SO much, who I am grateful for every single day.

2. What do you hope your blog provides women?

"The 'tag line' of my blog is "living a well-tended life... at any age". And that pretty much sums it up. Through my blog I strive to share- in a friendly voice and accessible fashion- all of the tips, tricks and secrets I've learned across my many personal and professional pursuits. From how to plant a container garden, to making the perfect sugar cookie, to how to navigate a museum trip with a toddler, I hope that every person who is kind enough to spend time on my blog is inspired to try something new- and will come back the next day to learn more!

Don't you just love her already?! And doesn't it make you want to create a blog of your own!? Seriously, check out Sheri's blog, add it to your daily read list. You will thank me. I hope that all the blogs I share in this series are ones that my readers will equally enjoy as much as I do.