new to me blog: Peck Life

This series is starting to become a favorite of mine, I hope you enjoy them as well. Today's blog is by the really sweet Emily Peck, called Peck Life. I met Emily at a round table discussion one morning where we were all sitting around discussing staying true to our smaller blogs, and managing them with integrity. She had so many great points to share with us, and I was pretty excited when I ran into her another day for a workshop. She's a mom to one, with another on the way. Her photos and aesthetic are awesome, and trust me, you'll smile after you visit her blog.

Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 7.49.56 PM.png

Let's get to know Emily a little better....

1. Why did you start to blog originally? And has the reason changed?

I started blogging in 2008 as a way to document life with my husband {knowing that we would probably start trying for a baby in the next year}. After our first son was born in December 2009, I began blogging as a way to document him. In 2011, I began taking the blog more seriously, created an editorial calendar, posted 4-5 times per week, and expanded the topics I talked about. All along, I've blogged because I love doing it and it's a creative outlet for me. I don't make much money on it but my goal is not to have a huge blog, just to have something I can be proud of.

2. What's your favorite part about having a blog?

The amazing community of bloggers and "real-life" friends I've met through blogging has been incredible. Seattle has a tight knit community of bloggers and I wouldn't know any of these wonderful women if it weren't for my blog! My other favorite part is that it allows me to organize my thoughts, practice my writing, and get to know myself better through what I post. :)


Thank you Emily for sharing a little bit of who you are and why you blog with us! Head on over to Peck Life and see for yourself how adorable everything is. Also, her blog roll has great blog links of her favorite blogs.