a book? a book? an eBook!!

Handmade Winter - Host.jpg

I wanted to share a few new sneak peeks with all of you as I also announce the winner of the Handmade Winter eBook! I’m pretty proud as you can imagine, and I really hope that if you purchase this book you will let me know your thoughts on it. I wanted to give you a taste for what is contained in here. There’s a whole section dedicated to just cocktails! And one for entertaining/hosting. The projects in here are so do-able and awesome, and I don’t use the word awesome lightly. There’s projects that I can’t wait to personally make that were contributed by very talented bloggers and makers!

Handmade Winter - Drink.jpg
Handmade Winter - Gather.jpg
Handmade Winter - End.jpg

Beautiful, right?! Ok, and on to the winner. I placed all the entries in this bowl, multiple entries for those of you who shared on fb. My mom was over late Thursday night and saw me putting names in the bowl, and she got a little excited about being the one who got to pull the name out :) So here’s the video of the winner...email me with your email address so that I can send you your copy!!! amharju at gmail dot com