how'd we do?


Each year I try to reflect on how I did with my goals for the year, and then adjust the ones I didn't seem to fulfill. Why didn't I keep it? Was it more about the goal or me? Was I unrealistic or just lazy? Last year I think I did good with keeping my goals for the year pretty attainable, it was more about making the things that are important to me important. Here's my list from last year. 

Looking back, I definitely could've improved on the spontaneity, that one I'm just weak at no matter what. I think my goal was to get out of my comfort zone, but it was, uncomfortable. Ha!

I think we did a pretty good job with our one on one dates with the kids.

Dance parties? There could always be more of those.

I think I definitely improved on my bedtime and feel good about that one.

Travel? Yeah, I think we did a lot this year. Canada, Palm Springs, New York and east coast, camping, Laguna, San Luis Obispo, and Ojai. That's a full, good year of travel if you ask me.

Aaron and I didn't do so great on the monthly dates, and cook as a family could've been better. But we have recently been cleaning as a family, which has been so awesome and helpful.

I also think we did a great job simplifying. Aaron and I both have been great about cleaning out our closets, paring down, even the kids have been great about going through books and toys and donating the stuff they don't need. 

Now I get to contemplate our new goals for 2014. Some may be repeats from last year. Some may be new. I'll pop back in here sometime this week with my new 2014 goals. If you've got some goals I'd love to hear them in the comments, or feel free to link to your own blog post. 

*photo above taken with iPhone