i’m a fan


I’m having a bit of withdrawal from this guy. Being with him every day all day for 9 days straight can get a little addicting. I’m a fan. To say the least. And he hates for me to gush on the blog, so I save that for Instagram ;) where he also complains. Especially when I refer to him as ‘svelte’ one too many times. But I was thinking, wedding anniversaries shouldn’t be the only time I get to brag about this guy, right?

He probably won’t see this for a day or two, so I’m going to get through this quick before he catches me typing. 

Can I just comment on how in shape he is? I mean, talk about dedication and self control. He has been to the gym since January at least 3 times a week. Every week. And gluten? Yeah, hasn’t eaten that since April. Oh how about soy and dairy? Yeah, he doesn’t eat that either. He has the willpower unlike anyone I’ve ever met, and he’s mine. He makes me toast with sliced avocado and sprinkles it with salt at 9pm. He rubs my feet while I watch ridiculous shows on Bravo. He tells me I need to buy stuff, when I don’t. He brings me home a box of See’s chocolates for no reason at all. He knows some days when he comes home and I disappear that it’s my way of saying “your turn on homework, I need some  s p a c e”. He makes the best soup, all for his family. And he does it with a smile. 

He’s patient with me, he’s patient with a lot of people that don’t even deserve his patience. But he gives them it anyway. He sacrifices his sleep, not only at times to let me sleep longer in the mornings but also when he has lots on his mind for others. Which happens a lot. Both things. 

I’m a fan Aaron. I’m a fan...