outtake (1).jpg

That photo is just a very blurry outtake from an awkward photo shoot that happened recently. I needed an updated bio pic, and well, you can see, it was...well, awkward. This is why I should just leave it to professionals and remember at our annual family shoots that a good headshot photo must always be taken. Because from one year to the next I might have bangs, I might not, I might have long hair, I might not. Lesson learned. Long live awkward photos. 

I have a few things I’m trying to finish so that next week I can give all my attention to my family. But hopefully I will be able to share something that’s been in the works for awhile. I’m excited, I’m nervous. Any time you put yourself out there with a new project, venture or idea it’s a little nerve wracking, but I’m pretty confident with where I am and where this space is, so it’s only natural to try new things. Being comfortable for too long is never a good thing I’ve learned. It’s those times where I’m nervous and vulnerable when I actually grow, learn, become better. Whether it’s something as simple as making cream cheese frosting for the first time, or trying to learn a new software program, if I don’t challenge myself in life, who is going to? 

I constantly encourage my children to learn new things. When something is difficult, you keep at it, giving up is never an option. You try. You keep trying. Rarely do you enjoy something the first time you try it. Food. Music. Reading. It’s hard work. But in the end, the results and benefits make all those sweat and sometimes tears worth it. Well, how can I spout out this stuff without applying it to myself?

I think the next year here at My Life at Playtime is going to be full of sweat and tears, but oh so good at the same time. I want to challenge myself to do new things, attempt things I’ve been way too intimidated to try in the past. I am going to put myself out there, I’ll be out there for rejection. No doubt. But I’ll also be out there for embracing. 

Hoping you all have a wonderful weekend. I’ll pop in next week once or twice, but it might be a bit quiet the other days. xo