#creativemamas taking over the world?


You might notice this little diddy now in my sidebar. Sidenote: diddy is such a great work. I need to use it more. Okay, so if you are on Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook, check out this amazing group of women. I am extremely happy and fortunate to be a part of this community and find it uber inspiring. I know you will too, whether you are a mama or not. These women just rock. Whether it's their sewing skills, graphics (i mean how cute is this photo above?!), business savvy, book publishing, I can go on and on. I don't think they've discovered yet that I kinda sort don't belong with the caliber of these ladies, but let's just hope they don't notice. :) 

If you'd like to join in the fun, tag your instagrams #creativemamas, this way we can expand our community and see what you are up to. And it'll be a great way to share and inspire each other in our daily work. If you are on Pinterest, you can follow our board, the link is in my sidebar if you click on that cool chalkboard button that says Mama Making, or you can click here too, it's pretty wild, there's over 39,000 people who follow our board already. 

We also have a list on Facebook  which is great because it's a one stop place where I can see what all these amazing ladies have been up to. You can even find my blog facebook page as you scroll. 

Although it seems like we may be taking over the world, hahaha <insert evil laugh here>, it's just a few great places to be creatively encouraged, inspired, and for me especially, motivated. Hope you can join in the fun.