Painted Pinecone DIY


 This garland is extremely easy and very “autumn” if I do say so myself. All you’ll need are some pinecones, twine, and acrylic paint.  

After choosing your colors, I stuck with reds and golds, take a brush and just paint the outside edges of the pinecones. I layered a little gold on top of the red on a few pinecones to give it a little sparkle.



Once dry, just tie twine around the tops of each pinecone, evenly spacing them throughout the garland. 

pinecone garland.jpg

Hang and enjoy!


I then wanted to add a layered look to the garlands. I did this by using this awesome banner from Minted. Minted was kind enough to supply a lot of the party decor for our Fall Tasting Party. It was festive and only took a few minutes from start to finish.