a little loud

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Our house just got a little louder. Gunnar has been holding on to some gift cards and cash that he received for graduation this summer, plus Nanni pitching in and he knew just what he had been waiting for. We took him to Guitar Center with advice from his teacher and picked up this sweet electric guitar. Watching him in the store trying out those guitars was just about the greatest thing I’ve seen in a long time. 

Sawyer and Greta got in on the action too. Oh boy is it going to be loud in this house. Who am I kidding? At 7:30am today all 3 of them woke up, snuck all their equipment out to the garage and had a jam session!  They’ve filtered back in forth between the living room and garage all day with their guitars. Gunnar has already requested a second weekly lesson for a few weeks so he can work his amp and all the new knobs on the electric. Seriously, I think we have our own band.

Here’s hoping your weekend was relaxed and quiet ;) 

(all photos taken with my iPhone) 

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