looking around...


The above picture actually has nothing to do with this post, but I can't write a post without a photo lately, so here you go. Oogle at this beauty. My niece is beyond beautiful, not to mention the sweetest baby I ever did meet. I mean, she seriously is an angel baby. Not sure how my sister got this one, but it's just not fair :) Sailer love, you are just too delicious.

Ok, regularly scheduled programming... 

I always love to share cool stuff I find on the web, so here's some stuff I found looking around this week... 

I took this quiz and scored 34/36 which I think is pretty darn good!  Especially when you compare it to my husband who got like 26/36, but come on, there really was no contest ;) If you take it, let me know your score, I'm so curious!

Possibly the cutest trash can I ever did see. 

I have got my eyes on this one, possibly the most perfect fall/winter bag. 

You might want to shoot me after watching this, but you just have to see it. You have to watch this video. It's so strange, it's so weird, it's also so popular that I'm confused. Gunnar's classmates are singing it, the little ones at their school, and I am still confused... just watch.

Oh and this, Martha Martha Martha <shakes head> It's only about 2-3 minutes long, but she is getting a little cranky in her old age...and alienating her biggest supporters and advertisers. Phew, so glad I never told the world I was an expert at anything ;)