I didn't intentionally take a break from this space but some weeks the days just fly by and I don't realize my absence here until 5 days later. Hope you all are having a fabulous weekend. We were supposed to be camping in Joshua Tree right now but our group decided Wednesday that we just couldn't take the chance because of the government shutdown. The shutdown ended Thursday, but we didn't have access to info about when the parks themselves would allow campers, or how much time the rangers needed before allowing campers. So we sadly postponed our trip.  

But it worked out because I was able to be present for an important weekend at Gunnar's school. I'm co-chairing a committee that organizes all the tours and info sessions for prospective parents, and this weekend was our first tour. Which means I wasn't feeling guilty for camping, and I was where I should be. Good news, it was a success and now I have just 8 more to prep for. Oh dear.  

Friday was also a really nice day because Aaron had taken the day off for Joshua Tree, and because we weren't camping we decided to turn it into our annual date day. When Greta started kindergarten we instituted a new tradition for the two of us, a "kids are back in school" date. Near the beginning of the school year (or 2 months in, yeah, we are a little behind) Aaron and I take the day off from work and we spend it together while the kids are in school. It usually involves hitting up some yummy coffee shops, a movie, lunch, and anything else we might be able to squeeze in between 8:15 and 2:30. This year that included jean shopping for the mister. He keeps shrinking his waist size so we had to get him some new duds! We also saw Captain Philips and whoa, I think I have PTSD just from watching the film. It is INTENSE! But really really good. I think I was on the edge of my seat with a stomachache because it's a true story. 

The rest of the weekend will be spent with the kids, doing chores, catching up on The Voice, and hopefully a little sleeping in. We have a commercial shooting her next week, which means we are ousted from the house for at least a full 14 hour day, always fun when the kids are in school and lunches need packing and homework needs doing, and dinner needs making. But it's worth it, so we will deal. 

Enjoy your weekend! xoxo