whatcha readin'

It's been awhile since I've done a book post, and it's not because we haven't been reading, but I just haven't had the time to sit down and sift through the books. So here's a comprehensive guide of what this family has been consumed with on their bookshelves... 


The other week I was passing by my favorite bookstore, and we usually utilize the library often, but on a whim I decided to pop in and choose some books for the kids. This was the series that stood out to me for Greta. It's cute, not too girly or princessy and although it has chapters they aren't too long. It says for ages 6-10, and I think it's a great intro to chapter books beyond beginning chapter books. Also, we just picked up from the library today this book, which means we only have ONE more to go after this one and our Little House series is done!


This book is in a series, and it's published a long time ago, but the subject matter and the theme just really spoke "Sawyer" to me. And I really believe if it's a good book it will transcend time, and will always be a good book. It's about two boys who travel to outer space in a homemade spaceship. Sawyer is loving it so far, so much we just ordered the second book in the series from the library. The age says 8-12 years. Just for fun I got Sawyer also this one, about middle school in a far far away galaxy, it was read in one night :) Same ages 8-12 for this one too.


Gunnar is reading this book in language arts, he read it a year or two ago but is rereading it for class. We both read it and loved it. But this is the one book I disagree on the recommended age. It says 8-12 but I definitely would say 10-13, I don't think I'd let Sawyer read this book, it's pretty dark and heavy. Lots of death. But we love the author Lois Lowry and have read lots of her books. He also read this book over summer and really enjoyed it. If your kid is a historical fiction fan, they might like this book, which Gunnar loved. Age for this one is 10-14 years.

There you have what we've been reading in our house! What about you or your family? And good books to share? I cannot wait until the third book in the Divergent series comes out. Gunnar and I will be battling over who gets to read it first for sure!  It's finally gotten a bit chilly here in Southern California, which means fire in the fireplace and book reading nearby with cider.