winter breaking part II


1.BFF 2.bring a box of tissues 3.cabbage patch kid goodness 4.chinese with the family 5.my NIECE 6.push pins making me smile 7.flashback friday 8.a "bad guy" in the collection 9.a plus to organizing is finding your wedding band after three years of it being lost 10.an adventurous double date 11.family date 12.wintry lights 13.goodness 14.monday comes too quickly 15.bubbles 16.organizied beanie boos by size, she kills me 17.satsuma oranges 18.we changed out of our pajamas for an adventure 19.NHM 20.throwback thursday 21.just a tad excited 22.disneyland on the final day of winter break 23.skipping bffs 24.flashback friday

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Hope you all get back into the routine of school and normal life quicker than I do!! This week has been a littel challenging, but I do like having the kitchen stay clean for more than 15 minutes at a time.