Photo Styling with Food

One thing I am not is a food photographer. I seriously rely on those handy Instagram filters to make whatever I'm eating look good. So when I saw Saturday at Alt offered a photo styling class, sign me up...

Felicia, Brit and I were a team and after listening to about an hour lecture on tips and looking at photos, it was our turn. Here's some behind the scenes of our little photo styling shoot.

A few key notes I wrote down:

~light should enter from the side

~use a fill card (white posterboard works great) on the opposite side of your light source to bounce light back onto your subject

~upload your photos onto your computer or ipad to analyze before breaking down your table/setting/placements or else you may have to recreate the scene all over again

~always use natural light

~create different heights and areas of interest for your eye to move between

photo styling 1.jpg
photo styling 2.jpg

How cute is the above photo where they spelled out 'Love' with twine? Definitely taking  a mental note of that one. And below is our final shot.

donut photography.jpg