As you can see, My Life at Playtime is undergoing some major renovations, or nips and tucks as we like to refer to it in Los Angeles. 

One of the major revelations while I attended Alt Summit was that the platform I use for blogging, Squarespace, had come out with a brand new version and I was living under a rock. So bear with me as I change a little here and there. A few new things you will notice is at the top of the page I added a "press" page with links to different sites where My Life at Playtime has been featured.

Another new bonus to upgrading to the new version (which was free by the way, it was just that rock I was living under was large) is that I now have an Instagram feed from my public Instagram account. So I won't need to Instagram photo vomit all over the blog now. :) You can see the slideshow on the left hand sidebar.

A few things I still need to make sure are running smoothly, so if you click somewhere and it doesn't work, by all means shoot me an email OR you can use the new handy "contact" page. Look at me being all fancy. 

I'll leave you with a little photo from my time at Alt. If I could sum up my experience there in one word it would be awesome. I still have not loaded my photos from my camera, and of course on the flickr site there's not a single photo of me and the 3 beautiful girls I traveled with, so for now I will share a photo from the Clue Party where I finally met in person fellow bloggers that I have known for a very long time, and yes I finally met Jen from Classic Play, this meeting was SIX years in the making! 

Photo credit goes to Alt Summit's photo stream and the lovely ladies I am with from left, Ana, Bonnie, me!, Jen, and Stacy.

alt summit photo booth.jpg
So forgive me if I am slow posting this week while I finish unpacking, smother my kids with kisses and catch up on laundry. I promise to be back with highlights and awesome posts soon!