Alt Summit - what I wore...

One of the things I was most nervous about being a newbie to this conference was the whole attire thing. You get that many amazing ladies in one place and you are bound to see some fantastic style. And fantastic style it most definitely was...

I decided to keep track of my outfits for my own journal and to help me look back if I get to attend again in the future. I tried to do research to dress appropriately and make sure I was still comfortable, heels for me only one night. Overall, I was happy with what I packed, but had I stayed at another hotel and had to commute everyday to the conference let me make a note here for future reference *it was 9 degrees* *dress warm*.

Day One- vintage dress, tights, and ballet flats

alt outfit 5.jpg

Night One- dress, tights, heels

alt outfit 4.jpg

Day Two- Madewell Blouse and Sweater, Corduroys and Mocs

alt outfit 3.jpg
Night Two- Vintage dress, boots
alt outfit 2.jpg

Day Three- Madewell Sweater, Corduroys, Mocs

alt outfit 1.jpg

There you have my wardrobe attire and I have to say vintage is the way to go. I expected most of the attendees to shop at the same stores so I was wary to bring anything from Anthropologie or similar stores. 

This right here... that's a lot of photos of me, so I can assure you those will be it for awhile! I spent part of yesterday combing through my business cards and visiting lots of fun blogs. I can't wait to share some of my new daily reads with all of you. And I'll be updating my 'favorite places' page as soon as I make it through my stack. Halfway there.