favorite things party

Have you ever been to a favorite things party? I had not, but I read something about them, and well, I was hooked. I wanted to have one. Yesterday. But with no possible weekend to throw one til springtime my friend Jane decided to change her cookie swap into a favorite things party. It. Was. Awesome. Greta joined me and had her own favorite things swap with two other little girls. You can imagine Greta's had to include some candy/gum or else it wouldn't have qualified. :)

fave 3.jpg

Here's a little background from what I could gather on the internet: everyone invited brings 3 favorite items (all 3 the same) with a $10 max per item. Once at the party, everyone's wrapped items are displayed and you write your name on 3 pieces of small paper and fold them and drop them in a hat/box/jar. Once everyone arrives and you are enjoying your cocktails and appetizers, each person picks 3 papers from the hat/box/jar. Make sure you don't pick your own name (if so, just put it back and choose again) and also don't choose someone's name twice (if so, just put it back and choose again). 

Then we went around the room taking turns. My name was first, so everyone who pulled "deborah" raised their hand and I handed each of them their present. They open their gifts as I explain why it's my favorite thing and then we move to the next person. It all was very exciting I must admit. 

The photo above is of Greta's items and mine, of course mine had to come in an Anthropologie box... here's what the girls found when they opened the box. A ceramic berry basket from my favorite store. Don't worry, I stuck to the $10 limit because I stalked them until they went on sale a few weeks back. 


For Greta's favorite things we had decided ahead of time on a $5 limit, which made it even more challenging than my $10 limit. But we were able to put together a really cute package for each girl. We found everything at Target and came in just pennies away from our limit. A little fuse bead kit, fun shaped erasers, a pack of gum and sour patch kids.

fave 2.jpg
fave 1.jpg

Below are two iphone photos from the night of, sorry, I didn't take my big camera along with.

And what did I get to bring home? 

A new tinted Burt's Bees lip balm, a makeup palette by Stila (which I've already put to use), a new nail color by OPI, oh and just pretend there's a See's nut and chewy bar in the picture...

fave 2 (1).jpg

Have you ever been invited to a favorite things party? Would you throw one? I have to say there were lots of discussions among the girls about when the next one would be held...

~I'll be back next week with blog posts, but in the meantime you can find me on my instagram feed where I will try to post the highlights of my time at Alt, it's mylifeatplaytime. Take care, wish me warmth, I hear it's gonna be colddddd!