a few outtakes

I thought I'd share a few outtakes that never made it to my interview over on Design Mom. And let me just clarify that the whole piece took awhile for me to put together. Please don't think I just walked through my house with my camera and snapped away. Some days I would miss the window of light in my master bedroom and would have to wait until the next day. But alas, maybe the next day was raining and so I would wait two days. In the meantime maybe a 6 year old decided to dump Barbie car loads full of cotton balls on the bed of the master bedroom, and so well, you see, it took awhile to gather photos. 

Here's a couple more. Thank you for being so kind, the comments on the interview were so sweet, so lovely, Aaron and I read them together over dinner and he kept asking me, "do you know this person?" I would ask, "who?" And then he would say the name and almost always I shook my head, "no. They are just really kind strangers. But maybe one day I will know them." 

dining 2.jpg