a favor . . .


If your child has enjoyed the art lessons that I create over on Classic Play, can you do us a little favor? I would absolutely LOVE it if you would photograph the artwork your child created, whether it was inspired by one of the art lessons, or you followed along with the steps. Just take a photo of it somewhere in your home or maybe you even photographed your child while they were in the midst of the lesson? Did you use a lesson to teach art in your child's class?

Some of the lessons you can find below:

Art & Science Bleaching

State Stamps

Tiffany Inspired Stained Glass 

Urban Landscapes

Fall of the Leaf

The Dot


Wild Things

And there's several more, so if I didn't list the art lesson your child enjoyed, please still photograph it. Jen and I have a little something planned. Keep those photos in an easy to access place and more instructions will be given later on with where to send them. Creating these lessons has been such a joy for me. Thank you for always supporting them.

On another note, I've been updating my 'favorite places' page with lots of fun blogs that are new to me, so check out the new links and see for yourself just how much good stuff is out there. It's still a work in progress since I haven't been able to get through every business card I collected at Alt, but it's coming along and there's some goodies in there!