smoothie lunch

I have a terrible habit of skipping meals. It's not that I don't love to stop at a favorite restaurant with a book and eat a delicious meal, that's not the issue. The issue is just some days there's no time for a real meal. I can easily work through lunch or volunteer at the kids school and just skip right past lunch. And then by 3pm when we are elbow deep into homeowork I ask myself why am I yelling? Why am I so cranky? Ah, the lack of food in my stomach holds the answer. 

I'm trying to be better. But better to me would be grabbing a handful of raw almonds and another handful of goldfish crackers. That is at least 2 food groups right?! 

smoothie 1.jpg

Smoothies are an easy go to for me, and since I work from home, I can whip one up easily and really there is no room for excuses. 

I end up using what we have on hand, so I never have the same smoothie twice. Yesterday's variation was a great sweet and tart combination. 

~handful of raw almonds

~5 medjool dates (pits removed)

~cup frozen organic blackberries

~cup frozen organic peaches

~cup fresh organic kale

~1/4 cup organic milk

~1 packet of Emergen-C

smoothie 2.jpg

I ended up adding about a half cup of water as I was blending all the ingredients. If you use frozen fruit, there's no need for ice. Normally, I don't add milk to smoothies, I much prefer adding kefir, but alas we were out of kefir. I also usually add a few tablespoons of either hemp protein or green powder just to boost the nutrients. It was delicious, and honestly, so easy. No more excuses!

smoothie 3.jpg
smoothie 4.jpg