documentary reviews

Prepare yourself, kids are back in school so I actually was able to sit down for more than 5 minutes to create a blog post! 

Two of my favorite things to do 1. read books (all sorts, fiction, non-fiction, teen lit, historical, world economics, self help, healthy eating, etc.) and 2. watch documentaries.

Some book reviews are coming next week, today let's talk documentaries. I haven't been watching as many as I'd like, but I did squeeze in 3 documentaries recently. You can find past recs of documentaries here, here, and here

Happy was a really feel good one. If you have seen it already, doesn't the little old ladies in Okinawa just make you melt!? It delves into how different people in different countries view happiness. Definitely one I recommend.

First Position  was really good. I'm a sucker for dance movies, and this one is about kids prepping for an important ballet competition. So good. And don't tell anyone but my husband watched the whole thing with me, and he liked it too.

No Impact Man- wow. Wow. WOW. About a family living in NYC who decides to live a year with NO impact on the environment. We are talking local produce within 200 miles only, no electricity, no trash, no cars. Wow. Wow as in she gave up her makeup and they washed their clothes in the bathtub. Definitely not realistic for the lot of us, but it really makes you think of all the small ways we can help the environment.

Have you seen any good documentaries lately? I used to be a closet documentary watcher and it's so much more freeing to admit my love for them!!