gearing up for alt summit

One of the major exciting things happening for My Life at Playtime is that I will be attending Alt Summit next week with several girlfriends(her, her and her!), several "friends" that I have yet to meet in real life, and a ton of bloggers I admire and virtual-stalk daily. 

I have my conference days planned out as well as someone can who is going in green as can be. I have which discussions I'd like to attend and which speakers I'm anticipating. I've been receiving the most wonderful mail deliveries from sponsors and am so excited to meet and thank them. 

The part I'm most overwhelmed with is probably the wardrobe. HA! But it's true. There's even a themed dinner party one night, CLUE is the theme. Yes, you read that correctly. So Colonel Mustard or Mr. Green it is! You can imagine when you get this many creative people in a room together that the outfits are probably going to be to die for. I have some outfit planning ahead of me this weekend.

All in all I'm just so thrilled to be able to sit there with my notepad, (yes, I don't have a laptop) and just scribble away all the information and experiences that these lovely ladies and gents are so generously sharing with the lot of us.

FINALLY I well get to meet Jen in person, the wonderful creator of Classic Play, did you know she's a movie star?! 

And while I will attempt to jump in with both feet, my landing may appear to resemble this...(fyi, that's not me, it's my 6 year old)