2013 already?

Time is zooming past. But there's something so exciting about January to me. Boxing up all of last year's invoices and bills (well almost, as soon as taxes are complete), a clean slate and a desire to clean house. I have spent more time over the last few weeks cleaning out closets and cabinets than I think I've ever done in any previous year. The woman at the Goodwill donation center knows my car now, she sees me in the parking lot and knows it's "her" store I'm coming to, so she meets me at my car to help me unload. 

On the outside you probably can't tell a difference, but on the inside, on my inside I'm so much lighter. It feels cathartic to purge. I've attempted overhauling my closet several times, but I can't get beyond one or two trash bags, I decided I'm too attached to my clothing. That'll be my next goal. To head into that closet of mine without emotions. 

I put a little list together of highlights from the last twelve months.

January: our annual trip to Mammoth

February: We had a beautiful family date at the Laguna tide pools.

March: One of my favorite room projects was creating Greta's shelving for her room.

April: Our trip to Yosemite was just amazing, we can't wait to take the kids again. 

May: Aaron and I celebrated our 12 year anniversary, and I got to share this awesome gift idea.

June: Gunnar had a very big night at school, pride was oozing out of my pores. Greta also turned six this same month. 

July: Sawyer turned eight!

August: I shared our family vacation down to Laguna Niguel. 

September: Our annual summer camping trip was such a highlight for us.

October: Our visit to Riley's Farm was the perfect fall adventure for our family. And I can't forget my special date with Sawyer this month too. 

November: A magical visit to Ojai

December: I had a son who turned ELEVEN! And I hosted the biggest giveaway ever on my blog!

Thank you Readers for being here and sharing in a wonderful year we had!