oc campout

Last month after the fair we tagged along with Jane's family to her community campout. Internet, if you don't think you can handle camping, you need to find yourself a community campout. It's the easiest camping there is. Fortunately Jane was able to snag two plots before they sold out in THREE minutes. It's a huge grassy field that is taken over and everything is organized. 

We checked in, got our bracelets and tickets and found out little slice of grassiness and set up our tent. This was followed by two food truck dinner choices, In n Out or Chick Fil A, and then they had tables set up with fun activities for the kids. There was an art table and a Mad Scientist table. We pretty much didn't see our kids for a few hours until it was time for s'mores. Even the s'mores was set up for you. You grabbed your s'more plate and got roasting. Once the sun went down we changed in our pajamas and set up our camping chairs in front of a huge screen where they were playing The Muppets. They even had glow sticks to hand out to the kids. And in the morning they provided coffee and pastries. Seriously, this kind of camping can be done by everyone and anyone. You can tell from the pics that the kids were beyond excited. They had the time of their lives. Ah suburbia, despite the complaints some people have of your restaurant options, lack of cultural museums, and lack of diversity among your population, these are the reasons I love you: wide open grassy fields, too many kids to decipher who belongs to who, ample parking, and now I can add community campouts to that list. Oh and how can I forget?! Enough space to do a full on adult cartwheel competition! Which by the way, Jane won.