Our adventure this week...

This week the kids had Wednesday off from school so we decided to spend the day on an adventure. It wasn't my idea, since I don't think I'm too adventuresome, but a friend suggested a ride on the Metro to the Natural History Museum. I love the NHM and the kids were all about the Metro ride. You'd think I told them we were going to Disneyland. 

We picked up the Metro at the Jefferson and La Cienega station. There's a free parking structure there we pulled in to. Then we rode it a few stops east until the Vermont exit. We hopped off and about a half block later we were at the steps of the NHM. It really couldn't have been easier. Well, except for finding out how to pay for our ride. I bought the TAP cards and everything but couldn't figure out how to give them our pass. Seriously, I wanted to pay for our rides and am so used to the NY subway turnstiles, I mean why would they make it DIFFICULT to figure out to give them your money?! Oh well, I tried. And on the way back I'm pretty sure I found the swiper, but it only let me swipe it once. It's the effort right?

We renewed our NHM membership, checked out the spider pavilion. Here I witnessed a 4-6 inch spider drop down from a tree and land on a 12 year old boy's neck. He quickly swatted his neck and then we all saw what was crawling away on the ground. Yeah, there's nothing between you and the spiders at the Spider Pavilion. Nothing. You definitely leave itching yourself. 

We ended up running into a ton of families from the kid's school in addition to the friends we came with, and after a picnic lunch we headed to the Science Center for the afternoon. It was a long, exhausting, but very fun day. The kids had a blast and I can see more Metro rides in our future.