Today, all 5 of us were pretty much walking zombies. Lack of sleep really doesn't bode well for any of us. I can get by on a night or two, but more than that and I'm delirious. Kids had two fun but late nights in a row, and they didn't really know which way was up today. Aaron and I haven't slept well recently, so we were kind of slow as well. Fortunately Aaron got to take a long Sunday afternoon nap while I took advantage of the quiet of lazy kids reading and did laundry and cleaned. 

In other weekending news, we are officially a family of 5 two wheel bike riders. Greta is officially on a two wheeler. She has been ready for a few months, but she didn't want to try, so today we rolled out her bike and I told her within 2-5 minutes I promised her she would be riding on her own. And sure enough, two tries and I was informed to please not touch her bike anymore. About 15 minutes later she asked me to show her how to push off to start and then once again I was told not to come near her bike. She rode for about an hour non stop, she's a bit addicted to bicycle riding now and it's the cutest thing I've seen in a long time. 

Here's a little video of her showing her stuff:

We also moved Sawyer on up to Gunnar's bike and Gunnar is ready for a new larger bike. Can't wait for all of us to have bike riding adventures. Now we also need a bike hitch to take all our bikes on vacation. 

I have a book post in the works for this week, we've all been reading up a storm. It's been so hot here lately that we can't really be outside for too long, especially in the afternoons. It's blazing. So until the sun starts to set we are stuck indoors. Which means we've been making a ton of library runs lately. 

Kids have another 4 day school week which gives us one fun day to plan an adventure. Probably not quite like last week's Disneyland day, but it'll still be more fun than going to school. 

Hoping everyone had a great weekend, I can't believe autumn is here! My favorite season of the year. I just wish it felt like autumn where we lived. Patience patience patience. Speaking of autumn, I have a very fun and beautiful autumn themed art lesson coming up on Classic Play this week so stay tuned.