at the moment...

~coming down from a very busy work week for me. I know it's only Thursday, but with one last client today, I'll be finished til next week. I usually work 2 nights a week, this week it was 3 and what a difference adding that one night can make. Bleh. I love my work, but working every day and every night doesn't make me love it more.

~finishing up an autumn themed art lesson for Classic Play! due this weekend.

~quite jealous of all the blogs sharing their "time for sweaters" and "fall is here" posts. Not here in SoCal. But I cannot wait to break out boots and jeans and sweaters. This has been the hottest summer I've ever had living in Los Angeles. Global warming anyone??

~excited to spend Saturday with my bestie as our boys head to the USC football game.

~prepping an art lesson for third graders tomorrow afternoon. 

~a little overwhelmed with a to do list that won't be completed this week. it actually hasn't even been looked at this week to be honest. 

~just fixed a bug on the Skin by Deborah website, I love Squarespace and all, but sometimes I want to pull my hair out

~ordered some cute fall items from Greta from Land's End, totally taking advantage of their 40% deal they had earlier this week

~really really wanting a day where I have nothing to do, nothing to teach, no where to be...