Yesterday Gunnar asked to present his school project (one day early) since the date was very important to the subject. For his report he had to share with the class facts about something, anything, that he chose. He quickly chose a few weeks ago to research the new Freedom Tower, replacing one of the World Trade Center towers. It's nearing completion, and my boy loves engineering and architecture. He decided to have a compare and contrast report between the Freedom Tower and the Empire State Building. So it was only logical to give his oral report yesterday, on 9/11. 

I remember the morning of 9/11, just like almost everyone in the world. We were living with my parents, Aaron and I had recently moved back to Los Angeles from New York City. I was 6 months pregnant with Gunnar. Aaron was working in Santa Barbara at the time, so he would wake and leave at 4am each day. My mom came in our room and turned on the little television in our armoire. I remember just being stunned, shocked. Not really understanding what was happening. We had so many friends back there. We were just there. We just left. I had been in the observation floor of that building not that long ago. Aaron came home as soon as he possibly could. I think the reality of your pregnant wife being 2 hours from home without traffic was worrisome for him at a time like this. 

We watched some of the coverage yesterday, mainly Gunnar and me. But after a little bit I had to turn it off. Some things I think shouldn't be relived. Not that they should ever be forgotten. It does make me want to hug my kids a little tighter and tell them I love them more times than usual.