Alt Summit


Just got my registration ticket for Altitude Summit and I cannot wait! I have been dreaming for the last 3 years that one day it would be my turn. And this past year I kind of made a little promise to myself that I would really try to make it happen. Well, it did. I'll be going with my friend, creator of Cupcakes and Sunflowers, and we are more than a little stoked. Waiting for the registration to begin was like being 16 again and waiting for your favorite band's concert tickets to go on sale. Only this time I didn't get a wristband, I just clicked refresh. Will our kids even know what it's like to wait in line and be given a wristband with a number on it!?! Buying tickets in REAL LIFE!

I cannot wait for these 3 days in January to be filled with design, photography, styling, blogging and so much more....