Laguna Niguel Bits & Pieces

I am not sure if I've mentioned before, but we stayed at the Ritz-Carlton in Laguna Niguel for our summer vacation. If you have children or plan on spending most of your time at the hotel/beach, booking a room on their Club Level is the only way to go.

They have food/drink service almost 24/7. For instance, we'd wake up in the morning, varying times for all of us. But starting around 7am they start with the breakfast spread. Croissants, bagels, lox, eggs, potatoes, fruit, granola, cereal bar, espresso bar. I can go on and on. They have that constantly filled and then turn over for lunch around noon. About half a dozen different sandwich combinations, a make your own sandwich bar with cheeses and meats, cold salads, green salad, soups, desserts of homemade tarts and pastries and cookies. They have a shelving unit set up with all the bottled drinks and waters and sodas constantly full so you can help yourself. And then there is always a concierge behind the bar to fill your alcohol choices. For dinner it's a ton of little appetizers and salads, sometimes sushi, sometimes empanadas, dumplings, and then for dessert they bring out another whole spread with sometimes fondue. We only ate out for dinner, otherwise we just visited club level the whole day. 

There is also a room next to the food/drink lounge that is open for a few hours in the morning and a few hours in the early evening. It's a kid's playroom with movies and toys and they have their own little breakfast spread in there for the kids. There is always a hotel employee in there to supervise and help out. So our kids would run there in the morning while we would finish getting ready, Aaron and I could have a quiet breakfast while popping in and checking on the kids. Even Romeo spent some time hanging out there with his cousins. 

There was a lot of time spent reading poolside, taking dips in the pool to cool off and enjoying little naps in the shade. My kids are at the glorious age now where we don't have to be in the water with them unless we want to. It's so nice to finally be here after spending a decade of being lifeguards. 

I started and finished Divergent in two days. Run don't walk people. Romeo pretty much had to be with one of us or my kids at all times. He is a little obsessed. And we kind of like it. I also checked out a stack of books for the boys from the library just before we left. They enjoyed taking little breaks from the pool and reading every once in awhile.