OC Fair

You haven't forgotten about our monthly date cards have you? Well we sure haven't. So far since our anniversary in May Aaron has received a shopping afternoon where it was all about him and what his closet needed, an inhome movie night of his choice (yes, I sat through all 3 miniseries episodes of Hatfield & McCoy), a trip to his favorite local tea shop for some new custom blends followed by a movie of his choice, and for August it was our first family date card which was a trip to the Orange County Fair. 

This was the kids first time to the OC Fair, they've only been to the LA Fair once. And it just so happened my friend Jane gifted her husband with the 1 date a month for their anniversary, and want to guess what their date for August was? Yep, you guessed it. Ok, it was not coincidental, we plan these things out well in advance. But how fun to combine our dates for the same day. 

It was hot, no doubt, hot. But we still had a blast. A little picture overload so be prepared. We did it all. Pig races. Photo booth. Won Ribbons. Big slide. Games. Won Prizes. Ate junk. 

Stay tuned for PART II of this date.....