In sta Life

I haven't been much of anywhere lately other than my computer preparing spreadsheets, at the copy machine xeroxing, at my kids' school, or in my studio working. That's pretty much been it for the last 7-10 days. But alas, my big project for the school is pretty much complete as of today. Thank goodness. My shoulders have never been so sore from doing desktop/computer work. Here's just a peek into the last few weeks.

1.last day of summer, movie time 2.i'm judging a very serious fart sound contest 3.back to this 4.blueberries and kale 5.love him 6.rocking fifth grade already 7.their choice in room decor is becoming a little more obvious lately 8.vintage little people 9.our back to school antigerm regimen 10.friday and a lawnmower 11.kale salad 12.convo with my bff regarding serial camping murderers 13.lunch date 14.i have an irrational fear of my deodorant being discontinued 15.garden harvest lovelies 16.gunnar's assignment for greta during family worship night 17.art blogging 18.tofu 19.reading lists 20.she kills me 21.third grade math is too hard for me 22.another friday, same lawnmower 23.ed emberley fun 24.working on a friday night 25.friendship anniversary 26.knotts courtesy of aaon's union 27.bumper cars 28.aaron's pick for the boys read aloud book