last week was....

Craaaazy. So much to do and only the 5 hours of my kids' camp hours to accomplish it. Throw in some other unpleasant surprises and you have an insane week for me. 

1.monday morning and i get stuck in an elevator 2.my nephew in mommy n me 3.greta, sawyer, gunnar 4.late night snack 5.lunch between clients 6.swim team 7.choice for read aloud this month 8.poor dude resting after food poisoning kept him up all night 9.sawyer 10.gunnar 11.sage 12.a really nice mother in law taking care of her son in law 13.garden harvest for the day 14.spring rolls 15.she's got baby fever 16.jaw dislocation in the morning 17.aaron fixed me right up with his jaw relocation skillz 18.sometimes being a parent rocks, like when you get an award 19.research 20.my swimmers obsessed with the olympic swimming meets 21.pool party 22.sawyer's dive 23.homemade ice cream cake 24.after dessert swim 25.face with my nephew's forehead 26.she leaves me notes when she's too lazy to take her clothes to the hamper 27.mini sewing date with my girl 28. gunnar.hammock.book.summer